The wonders of Nano Shiso Extract

Thann Shiso Collection
For over a thousand years, Asian herbalists have noticed that Shiso plants have the ability to survive the most extreme droughts and climatic conditions, as well as helping the surrounding plants to grow. As a result, Shiso has become the jewel of Japanese culinary art, as well as an important ingredient in macro biotic food because of its healing powers.

With today's increasing environmental hazards and the damaging rays of the sun, Shiso is the miracle ingredient to prevent your skin from pre-mature aging.
Nano Shiso Extract Benefits
Extracted by the advanced Nano technology in Japan to produce Nanometer-sized particles that can penetrate deeply into the skin for optimum results. Shiso Extract contains Rosemarinic acid, Linoleic acid, Glycoproteins, I-perilladehyde and Phenol compounds combating the signs of aging with powerful anti-oxidant benefits. It contains 300 times of vitamin A more than Kiwi and 160 times more of vitamin C than Lemon in the same amount.
Thann Shiso Facial Mist
How Nano Shiso Extract revives skin for visible suppleness
Nano Shiso Extract Effects
The photo shows improvement of skin elasticity after using the products with Nano Shiso Extract that help stimulate collagen synthesis and restructure damaged skin networks.
Fun Fact
Shiso leaves are often served with sashimi, not just for their flavor, but also because shiso is a known antiseptic that can help to prevent food poisoning.
Thann Shiso Body Butter
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