Product FAQ



Q: How can THANN reed diffuser smell stronger?
A: Turning your reed sticks frequently will deliver a stronger scent. There will be a stronger scent released to the environment if more reed sticks are added. Do not exceed the number of sticks that are provided within the set.


Q: Can your essential oils be used for burner or humidifier?
A: Yes our essential oils can be used for both as long as they are suitable to use with essential oils. However, please do check and confirm with the manufacturer of your humidifier to see if it can be used with essential oils. We will not be responsible for any damage caused.


Q: How long can THANN reed diffuser last?
A: It diffuser will last 2 to 3 months if reed sticks are turned daily in a normal air-conditioned room. If the room is windy, the lifespan of your diffuser may be shorter.


Q: Does the THANN reed diffusers contain just pure essential oil?
A: It is formulated with both essential oil and other ingredients. Please refer to the product page for list of ingredients.


Q: Does THANN reed diffuser come in bigger sizes or refill?
A: There is only one size available and there is currently no refills.


Q: How wide is the coverage for THANN reed diffusers?
A: Usually one reed diffuser should cover 200 square feet. The scent is generally stronger if diffuser kept in an enclosed air-conditioned environment.


Q: Is there anything stronger than THANN reed diffuser?
A: You may try using our electric diffuser with THANN Essential oils.


Q: How to use the THANN potpourri?
A: Drip essential oil directly onto the flower or cinnamon sticks. The fragrance will then be diffused into the air.


Q: How wide is the THANN potpourri coverage?
A: It is best used in small enclosed area like a desk or car.


Q: How long will the scent on THANN potpourri last?
A: 10ml essential will provide an estimated 80 to 100 drops. Drip as many drops to achieve the desired strength of scent. Scent will fade depending on the environment. Drip more oil when the scent fades.




Q: What is the difference between Purifying Face Wash vs Shiso Cleanser?
A: Purifying Face Wash is suitable for normal to oily skin while Shiso Cleanser is more suitable for normal to sensitive skin because it will not foam or lather.




Q:What is the difference between Body Milk vs Body Butter?
A: Body Butter has a thicker consistency as compared to Body Milk. It also contains more anti-aging and body enhancing ingredients.


Q: What is the difference between Hand Lotion vs Hand Cream?
A: Hand Cream has a thicker consistency as compared to Hand Lotion. It also contains more organic and anti-aging ingredients.


Q: Can the Rice Soaps be used for the face?
A: No all the soaps are meant for the body.


Q: What is the difference between Extra Nourishing Shampoo and Detox Shampoo?
A: Extra Nourishing shampoo is recommended for damaged dry hair while Detox Shampoo is for normal to oily hair. Extra shine is for dull and dry hair.


Q: What is the difference between Shower Cream vs Shower Gel?
A: Shower Cream contains more nourishing ingredients hence it is suited for dryer skin. Shower Gels are for normal skin.


Q: Can the Fragrance Mist be applied to the body?
A: Yes Fragrance Mist can be sprayed to the body or hair but not recommended for the face. It is also great for refreshing linens or clothings and removing odours in kitchens or toilets.




Q: Which are the products used in Marriott hotels?
A: Aromatic Wood collection is used in many of the hotels around the world including Marriott hotels.


Q: Sea foam and Spring Forest still available?
A: No unfortunately, these collections have been discontinued.


Q: Can the products be used for men?
A: Yes all our products including skincare are suitable for men as well.


Q: Can THANN Essential Oils be directly applied on skin?
A: No please dilute THANN Essential Oils with a carrier oil if you wish to apply directly on skin. Pure THANN Essential Oils may irritate the skin or even discolor certain fabrics and wood finishes. Please be careful!


Q: Are THANN skincare and bodycare products suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Yes our products are suitable for sensitive skin. However, it is recommended to try on a small patch if you have sensitive skin. Discontinue use if product causes redness.


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