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We exist to help you look and feel at your best! 

One of Asia's most acclaimed aromatherapy and skincare brands, THANN combines natural ingredients with the latest technologies to create proven solutions for the modern urbanites.
Inspired by numerous benefits of Asian plants, THANN founder Tony Suppattranont dreamt of sharing knowledge that has been passed down through generations. Many of Asia's edible herbs and spices are filled with goodness that are also suitable for aromatherapy and personal care. THANN carefully selects these natural ingredients that work harmoniously to improve your well-being.
Thann Rice Collection

Combining science with time tested natural ingredients

Using modern science to bring out the best in natural ingredients, we put a lot of effort in formulating products that achieve desired results for our customers. This unrelenting spirit to bring only the best skincare products to market, we test for its efficacy through independent clinical trial specialist Spin-control before making specific claims of its effectiveness. 
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Help is always around the corner

We believe great design must be accompanied in equal parts with great service to create a memorable experience for our customers. Our commitment to customers does not end after a sale is completed. Get your answers quickly by contacting our team through text, calls or emails.  

We have come a long way..

Starting from a natural soap made from rice bran oil in 1999, THANN has progressively added to its range of customer favourites. Our well-loved products are now available in more than 62 retail stores, 16 spas,  200+ hotels, 4 airlines and 2 airline lounges spread across 20 countries worldwide.
In 2019, we opened the first THANN Wellness Destination in Ayutthaya, Thailand as a resort for urbanites to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a trip back in time and unwind by the Noi River within the old capital of Thailand. 
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