Holistic Skincare

Healthy Skin Is Wellness

Healthy skin is more than just a reflection of external beauty; it's a barometer of your overall wellness, indicating a balance of proper nutrition, hydration, and mental well-being. Taking care of your skin is an integral part of a holistic approach to health, where nurturing your body and mind leads to a radiant complexion and a harmonious state of being.

Thann Skincare Philosophy


Not only is our formula gentle to the skin, our ingredients also help combat different causes of inflammation.


Our skincare products are tested by internationally renowned labs to provide you with real results.

Texture & Scent

Our focus on texture and scent of our skincare ensures total comfort, maximum absorption and a joy to use daily.


We curate and blend quality natural ingredients that makes our skincare holistic and complementary.

Skincare Tips

Why Is Skincare Texture Important?

The texture of skincare products plays a crucial role in their effectiveness and how enjoyable they are to use, akin to selecting the right clothing for the weather.

Just as you wouldn't wear thick, heavy winter clothes in a tropical climate, using a skincare product with a texture not suited to your environment can lead to discomfort and other skin issues.

In hot and humid conditions, a lightweight, non-greasy formula is preferable, allowing the skin to breathe and preventing clogged pores, whereas in colder climates, a richer, more nourishing texture helps protect and hydrate the skin against harsh elements.

This analogy underscores the importance of not only the ingredients in skincare products but also their texture, ensuring they work in harmony with both your skin type and the environment for optimal health and comfort.

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Our Key Ingredients

Rice Callus Culture

Reveal your radiant skin with the most advanced biogenetic technology. This active ingredient from Himalayan red rice contains very high levels of anti-oxidant property. It helps rejuvenate the skin at the epigenetic level, enhances collagen production and skin barrier function while restores natural skin's moisture balance.

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Unveil your smoothen skin with nourishing power of Rice Bran oil. Enriched with essential fatty acids, high level of Vitamin E's known as the only natural oil that contains unique Gamma Oryzanol. It has vitamin E 47 times more than Olive oil in the same amount. Rice Bran oil provides skin benefits with long lasting moisture, natural sunscreen and powerful anti-oxidant.

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Shiso Extract

Unlock the miracle of Shiso to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and moisture skin. Extracted by the advanced Nano technology to combine the benefits of leaf and seed for optimum efficacy results. Both contains various substances that help moisturise, protect and revive skin cells, providing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has a powerful vitamin A 300 times more than Kiwi and vitamin C 160 times more than Lemon in the same amount.

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Old World Knowledge Meets

State Of Art Dermatology

For centuries, diverse cultures have revered the natural benefits of key ingredients like rice bran and shiso, underscoring their safety and efficacy for human use.

Rice bran, a staple in Asian beauty rituals, is renowned for its deep moisturizing and antioxidant properties, while shiso, used in traditional medicine, is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits.

This historical wisdom supports the notion that what is safe and beneficial to consume can also be profoundly nurturing for the skin.

At Thann, we embrace this time-honored knowledge, applying modern extraction technologies to harness these natural gifts in their purest and most potent forms.

Our approach ensures that every skincare product not only pays homage to these ancient ingredients but also maximizes their efficacy for contemporary skincare needs, blending tradition with innovation for the ultimate skin nourishment.

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The Best Of Nature's Gifts For Your Skin

Besides adequate sleep and staying hydrated, the daily ritual of aplying holistic natural skincare is a cornerstone of long-term skin health.

This practice, using products enriched with nature's purest ingredients, works in tandem with the body's natural processes, nurturing and protecting the skin for a sustained, healthy glow.

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Award- Winning Skincare

Best Detoxifying Facial

Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2020

Best Face Mask – Anti-pigmentation

Singapore Women's Weekly Beauty Awards 2019

Best Body Lotion

Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2019

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Our

Facial Treatments

Our award-winning facial treatments are designed not just as a skincare regimen, but as a holistic experience for quick rejuvenation of both your skin and mind.

In today's fast-paced world, taking a moment to pause and indulge in self-care is essential. Our treatments, crafted with a blend of natural ingredients and advanced hand techniques, offer an oasis of relaxation.

They deeply cleanse, nourish, and revitalize your skin, while the serene ambiance and aromatic essences of our spas provide a tranquil escape, promoting mental clarity and calmness.

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