Discover Rice Callus Culture Extract

Himalayan Red Rice
Rice Callus Culture Extract is made from Himalayan Red Rice. Himalayan Red Rice can be found in South Central Asian countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Japan and Korea.
This type of unique red rice has been cultivated for generations. Wild red rice is hardy by nature and is resistant to many diseases and pests. Cultivated red rice shows high tolerance for growing in unfavorable environments such as infertile soils, deep water and mountain lands.
Thann Rice Collection
The latest biotechnology active ingredient from Himalayan red rice contains the highest anti-oxidant property. It helps rejuvenate the skin at the epigenetic level, enhances collagen production and skin barrier function while restores natural skin’s moisture balance.
Regenistem Active Ingredient
How Rice Callus Culture Extract rejuvenates for visibly radiant skin
Aging is influenced by multitude factors including oxidative damage to impaired collagen gene expression level. The Rice Callus Culture Extract helps decrease age-related promoters in gene expression function resulting in younger and healthier cells.

Regenistem Rice Extract


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