5 Ways to Prevent Your Skin From Freaking Out On Long Flights

If you're flying, there's a good chance your skin will be feeling the effects. But don't worry—we've got some tips that'll help you keep your skin looking great while you're up in the air.

Here are our 5 best skincare tips for long flights:

tip #1

Don't put too much makeup

Too much products on your skin may clog pores and turn into blemishes. Try removing makeup after you're comfortably seated and reapply before you land!

Try our amazing makeup remover, Astringent Cleansing Water, that contains 17 natural ingredients including Neem Tree Leaf which is recognised as a superfood in India rumored to be eaten by Mahatma Gandhi every day for its wide-ranging health benefits. It is widely used, even on sensitive skin, to protect and heal due to its potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also lauded by its ability to soften skin.

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Tip #2

Drink lots of water

When we are on the plane, we often forget to drink enough water - which leads to dehydration of your skin. Bring along a reusable water bottle and have the attendant fill it up for you on you’re on board. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which dehydrate your body and make you feel worse on landing.

Tip #3

Use a cream or sheet mask with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water molecules onto the surface of your skin to keep it nice and hydrated. Use facial creams or sheet masks with hyaluronic acid to keep your face moisturised.

Try our Rice Extract Moisturising Cream or our Intensive Hydrating Facial Mask. Both contains hyaluronic acid and other unique natural ingredients. In fact, our mask is made from bio cellulose material made by bacteria that feeds on coconut water. This super absorbent material used medically to heal badly burnt skin helps to penetrate key ingredients that are encapsulated in tiny nanometer size deep into your skin for maximum hydrating results.

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Tip #4

Move around once every hour or so

Get up and walk around a little bit—it’s good for circulation and also helps avoid bloating and facial puffiness. If you don’t feel like going on a full-fledged walkabout, just get up and stretch your legs every couple of hours.

Tip #5

Use a lip balm

Keep in mind that dry lips can be a common problem for long flights. Licking your lips can worsen dryness. Bring along a lip balm to prevent this from happening to you.

Try our lip balm that is infused with 10 natural ingredients including jojoba oil, rice bran oil and aloe leaf extract. Aloe leaf extract is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory. In fact, it is commonly used for treating burns, acne and dry skin.

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Have a good flight, and remember to hydrate!