Skincare for different concerns

A comprehensive summary on how to combat your biggest skincare concerns

The trick lies in using the right skincare products.

It’s funny how no matter our age, our skin will always behave like a finicky three-year-old eater. Didn’t get enough sleep? Dull-looking complexion the next day. Had too much fried food in a week?
Zits for days then. Staring too much at your computer screen or don’t have the habit of applying sunscreen daily? Say hi to fine lines and wrinkles.

You see, that’s why people with the glowiest, most supple complexions are probably the ones that take special care of their skin —
by constantly nurturing and grooming it into good shape. But that’s also the reason why we’re here today; to help troubleshoot your biggest skincare concerns and how can you tailor your skincare routine to counter them.

If your skin

constantly feels taut and flakes…

It’s probably lacking in moisture, thanks to having lesser sebum-producing glands in the skin.

Without the necessary lipids (essential sebum), it’s harder for the skin to retain moisture, which results in a weakened skin barrier that allows water to easily evaporate from the
epidermal layers of the skin.

You’ll need a richer cream that’s infused with healthy oils so as to lock moisture in the skin.

Go for the Rice Extract Moisturising Cream ($60), that has 10% rice bran oil, organic evening primrose oil and shea butter that intensely moisturises and reduces irritation. The cream is non-greasy, and has a light, whipped texture that feels lovely on the skin.

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If your skin

feels uncharacteristically dry…

This might be a case of dehydrated skin, which is different from having dry skin.

Dehydrated skin = a lack of water in the skin, which is why people with oily skin can experience it too.

Dehydration may occur if you’ve had too much caffeine, or are not hydrating enough when in a colder environment.

The solution is simple — you’ve got to add H20 back to your skin. The Hydrating Emulsion ($60) has algin extract that hydrates for up to 48 hours; you can even use it as a sleeping mask.

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If your skin

is looking dull…

You know, it’s not glowing-from-within, you see grey-ish patches, and you’re constantly looking tired. There’s a high chance that it’s due to dead skin build-up, so the Rice Oatmeal Face Scrub ($58) is your best bet at a glowing complexion. Oatmeal bits are the “exfoliator” — they’re gentle on the skin so they won’t scratch.

Red rice extract, on the other hand, boosts collagen production. Use the creamy scrub when your skin is looking dull, and it’ll reveal a smooth visage, with luminous glow after.

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If you

notice fine lines forming…

These come perfectly normal with age, especially once you hit 30. The key is to prevent more from forming, by keeping skin firm.

The Shiso Facial Serum ($115) has centella asiatica extract that stimulates the production of collagen, making sure it’s supple to the touch.

To go the extra mile, follow up with the Nano Shiso Age Reversion Face Cream ($70), an anti-ageing moisturiser that has hydrolyzed rice protein, soybean protein, and black tea to promote better skin elasticity.

If the problem starts appearing around the eye area, opt for the Age Inversion Eye Serum ($70), a lightweight eye serum that helps to correct visible signs of ageing around the eyes and keeps the area bright and radiant.

It’s as they say, prevention is always better than cure — and while wrinkles are often irreversible, you’d still want to look #myagebutbetter.

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If your skin

is always greasy…

Take away the excess sebum with the Rice Detoxifying Clay Mask ($60) — a pore-tightening formula of three clays (Japanese tanakura, kaolin, and bentonite) that helps balance out an oily complexion.

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Don’t skip out on the sunscreen during the day in fear of adding grease to the skin; the internationally renowned Oil Free Facial Sunscreen ($49) is, as its name suggests, an oil-free option that sinks right into the skin for broad UV protection.

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