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How to boost your wellbeing with different scents

Let us paint you a picture of how scents can have a powerful impact on our minds. You walk into a spa, ready to let your hair down and relax, and the space smells of a soothing rose aroma. Your body and mind instantly laxes, as you inhale not only the calming scent, but enjoy its nerve-relaxing effects too.

Here’s another scenario, with a different scent — you get up in the morning, and spritz on your favourite citrus-scented fragrance. It’s light, refreshing, and you feel like you’re ready to take on the day. 

The bottom line is, different scents can have different effects on our psyche, as it triggers the mind to relate the scent to a particular feeling, or emotion. That also means that scents can play a part in our wellbeing, as long as we know how to use them to their best effects. Here, we show you how.

Something to...

put you in a happy, feel-good mood

You know how you roll out of bed on dreaded Mondays and everything just seems grey? Have the Aromatic Wood Aroma Diffuser ($80) nearby as you go through your morning routine.

It’s lightly sweet, thanks to the tangerine in it, with a faint touch of orange zest. Nutmeg oil grounds the scent, lending it a balanced, uplifting scent that will help put you in a good mood as you pummel through work mornings. 

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Something to...

re-energise your mind

Sometimes, the food coma after a high-caloric meal can be very tempting — but it’s not something that you can give in to if you still have a full day of work ahead of you. Might we suggest that you have the Oriental Essence Aroma Diffuser ($80) by your work desk?

It’s a vibrant and energetic scent, infused with Kaffir lime and lemongrass essential oils that’s going to work as an exciting pick-me-up. Think of it as the shot-of-espresso of scents. 

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Something to…

destress a tense mind

Reminiscing a summer holiday always makes for a pleasant memory, as you think of the floral garden breeze in your hair. If you’re feeling stressed out in a fast-paced environment, and feel like your mind can’t keep up, take a break by deep inhaling the soothing floral scent of the Eden Breeze Aroma Diffuser ($80).

It’s neither too sweet, nor too dry — but rather, the perfect balance of rose, jasmine and lemon peel essential oil that’ll have you take your mind off the business of your day. It’s okay to let your mind wander once in a while, but this time, let this lovely scent accompany you. 

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Something to… 

get you ready for a good night’s sleep

Good sleep will never happen when your mind is racing with a thousand thoughts — be it with that last TikTok video you saw, or with your work checklist for the next day. Simply willing your brain to stop thinking rarely works, so let the Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oil & Potpourri ($42) do its job.

It’s an ultra relaxing scent that has an almost drowsy effect on your mind, persuading it to let go any and all thoughts and just rest. Have this by your bedside if you constantly have trouble sleeping, and let the scent work its charm. 

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Something to…

heal and get over the hump

Bad days happen to everyone. Sometimes one thing can affect your mood for the entire day. Other times it can be a series of misfortune. Whatever the case may be, we have to pick ourselves up and move on. Being in an environment with a soothing scent like Earl Grey Aroma Diffuser ($80) can help heal frayed emotions and comfort the mind.

A blend of cardamom, orange to revitalise with a hint of lavender and clary sage essential oils to calm. Quickly gather yourself and deal with life's challenges from a position of strength and resolute.

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Something to… 

make you feel like a million bucks

Ever walked into a luxurious setting and the lingering fragrance seemed refined and well put-together? A hard-to-resist scent that excites and yet feels understated. Fill the air with Eastern Orchard Essential Oil & Potpourri ($42) and create that cocoon of delight.

A unique blend of citrusy Yuzu which helps refresh your mind and Neroli which revitalises the soul. A natural goodness that permeates through the living space and leave you in an air of heightened pleasantness.

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