Power Nap Your Way To Better Health & Skin

Did you know that power napping or "nodding off" after lunch has a history with NASA? In the 1960s, they use to give their engineers and staff a 10-minute nap between shifts. The scientists found out that it improved performance and made them more alert.

Same goes for school children in China as well, where kids will go home for lunch break and take a nap. These kids have better grades due to naps and have one of the highest average scores in the world.

Find out how power naps can be your latest healthy & beauty discovery!

Power Nap Benefit #1

Look Younger

A power nap releases growth hormones that stimulate collagen production. This means that your skin will be firmer, and more youthful-looking.

Power Nap Benefit #2

Renew Cells

Just a 20 minute nap is enough to help your skin regenerate new cells. This will in turn help your skin look brighter and a more even skin tone.

Power Nap Benefit #3

Better Health

We all know that a good nap restores your energy. But did you know that napping three times a week for 30 minutes can reduce your risk of heart-related diseases by 30 percent?

Power Nap Benefit #4

Increase Productivity

Power naps are also known to reduce stress, increase alertness and improve memory. Thus, it will also increase your productivity too!

Sleep Tip #1

Get Better Sleep

Studies have shown that lavender essential oil helps to fall into a relaxing sleep. Place a few drops of THANN Lavender & Rosemary essential oil on your pillow for a restful night!

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Sleep Tip #2

Prepare For Bed

A warm foot soak before sleep will help body core temperature decrease. This will in turn help you improve sleep quality and comfort level. Place a few drops of our lavender bath & massage oil into the foot soak for additional moisturising and aromatherapeutic benefits.

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