Mask-ne, be gone

How to prevent breakouts from wearing masks while keeping skin clear and radiant

Hands up if you’re one of those who’ve seen tiny pimples popping up on your cheeks and jaw, thanks to having a mask on for extended periods of time.

Mask-ne, as its name suggests, is acne that’s developed from wearing masks — and it’s real.

Think of it this way: the weather’s hot and humid, you’re perspiring half the time, and having a mask on captures that icky, greasy feeling beneath it.

Put two and two together, and you’ll come to realise that the bottom half of your face makes for great prime real estate for bacteria breeding.

Oh no! What do I do?

The next course of action then, is to ensure that your skin is free from any pore-clogging bacteria when your mask is off.

That means, on top of making sure your masks are clean (please dispose of single-use ones after single use, and wash reusable ones!), a skin-balancing skincare routine should be adopted.

This helps to balance out the water-sebum level of your skin, keeping it happy to prevent breakouts. And, as a bonus side effect: a balanced complexion is one that’s naturally clear and radiant. You can thank us later.

Thann's 4 step skincare routine

A skincare routine with our specially curated products to help you keep your skin balanced and combat mask-ne!

Step 1


First things first, remove your makeup properly and entirely. Residual makeup stuck in the pores + a humid skin environment created by a mask is what lets bacteria thrive. Start with the Astringent Cleansing Water ($47) — a soothing concoction of organic lavender water and aloe vera, as well as red rice extract — that’ll lift makeup off easily, leaving skin hydrated and bright-looking.

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Step 2

Double cleanse

Follow up with the Shiso Facial Cleanser ($47), as a double cleanse to remove stubborn impurities and excess sebum.

Your skin is likely sensitised and irritable from all that mask-wearing, so using a cleanser for sensitive skin will only help strengthen the skin’s barrier.

There’s nano shiso and green tea extracts in the cleanser that protects skin against free radical damage. Then, gently pat on the Shiso Astringent Toner ($45) to add a first layer of hydration to the skin, and get the blood circulation going.

This citrus scented one helps refine large pores and events out uneven skin texture, leaving your skin instantly soft and supple.

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Step 3


Those with oily skin might take joy in using the Rice Detoxifying Clay Mask ($60), as a way to take away excess sebum for a balanced complexion. 

There are three types of clay in the mask — kaolin, bentonite, and Japanese tanakura — and they come together to clean out clingy gunk in enlarged pores, as well as mattify skin. It can also be used as an overnight acne spot treatment to quickly reduce inflammation.

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Step 4


Seal all that skincare goodness in with the Hydrating Emulsion ($60), a lightweight moisturiser that sinks instantly into the skin.

It has myrothamnus extract, a.k.a the “Resurrection Plant” in Africa, thanks to its ability to lock in moisture in the skin for long hours.

The emulsion will feed your skin with hydration throughout the day and/or night, keeping your skin’s water-sebum levels balanced; therefore healthier, and less prone to breakouts.

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Photos by Portuguese Gravity & Kay Lau on Unsplash