5 great ways to use your fragrance mist

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Have you been in an elevator where somebody seemingly took a perfume bath? Perfumes are great for certain occasions but don't use it excessively! Lighter in concentration as compared to perfumes, the right choice of natural fragrance mist can be a good replacement. Here's 5 ways how versatile it can be, whether in or out of the home.


Just stepped out of a Korean BBQ restaurant? Quick spray to the hair and negate the smell instantly.
Fragrance Mist for hair


Whether in or out of your home, a couple of fragrance spray keeps the toilet fresh for the next person.
Fragrance Mist for toilet


Don't wait till your next trip before inspecting your jackets. Refresh them with natural fragrance mist that contains essential oils like lemongrass to neutralise any smell and keep bugs away.
Fragrance Mist for clothing


Essential oils can help regulate moods. Whether in a hotel or home, spray mist on linens for better sleep.
Fragrane Mist for linens


Some ingredients can overpower your kitchen. Neutralise cooking smells before your guests arrive!
Fragrance Mist for kitchen

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