5 Ways To Use THANN Fragrance Mist

Sometimes all you need is a quick way to refresh yourself or your surroundings to be comfortable.

Perfumes are great for some occasions but it could overpower for others. Fragrance mists tend to be less concentrated and provide a good alternative for many situations.

Benefits of Thann Fragrance Mists

All Natural

Its soothing natural scents won't trigger those who may be sensitive to perfumes.


A great way to smell great and feel great at the same time.

Convenient to Use

It's light and convenient enough to bring it with you as an everyday carry.

Hair Refresher

Have you stepped out of a Korean BBQ restaurant and smelling the food on your hair, body or clothing? Our THANN fragrance mist can negate the smell instantly without it being too overpowering.


Neutralize Odour

Whether it is the kitchen or bathroom, THANN fragrance mists can quickly neutralise odours in the house and keep it fresh and comfortable.


Refresh Your Wardrobe

Refresh your wardrobe once in a while with THANN fragrance mists to neutralise any stale clothing smell and keep them fresh when you need them.


For A Good Night Sleep

Essential oils can help regulate moods. Whether you're in a hotel or at home, spray some Thann fragrance mist on the linens to help you sleep better.


Car Refresher

Leave your car smelling fresh and soothing with our fragrance mist. A few spritz can help you stay calm and alert while you're on the road.