THANN Head Gua Sha Treatment

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what is guasha

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese therapy that involves scraping your skin with a tool to improve circulation. Using a smooth-edged instrument, a stroking action combined with our THANN massage oil stimulates microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. This helps to restore energy flow, called chi, which is believed to reduce inflammation, chronic pain and promote healing.

During the treatment, the skin is lightly scraped to produce a red, rash-like appearance.There may be numbness, swelling, pain, or heaviness. These are considered normal reactions and it should diminish within few days to a week without any special treatment.

guasha benefits



Gua Sha clears blockages in meridian channels, which connect organs & transport both blood & chi energy. By breaking up stagnation & toxins for easy expulsion, it allows organs to perform optimally.

tension relief

Tension Relief

Muscle tension builds up when we maintain the same posture for long periods of time. Experience a dramatic release of muscle tension around head and neck area after our treatment.


Calming & Relaxing

The gentle & slow pressure activates our parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous state. Enter a relaxed & calm state of mind that allows for better rest. Perfect with our THANN facial treatment. 



Do you or your loved ones suffer from these health issues?

In addition to improving your overall well-being, this treatment is also suited for those who experience:

Chronic Headaches/Brain Fog


Insomnia/Poor Sleep 

Feel refreshed and ready to take on the day's challenge with greater ease and comfort. Try it today!


Click on the link button below and purchase the offer online. Use code guasha20 at checkout. Alternatively, you may also call our Paragon Store at 8139 3881 directly to make a booking and purchase before you receive the treatment.

Treatment is performed at THANN Paragon only. This is a seated treatment. Due to covid-19 guidelines, face mask must be worn during treatment. Not suited for pregnant ladies or individuals with prior head surgery or injury. Please consult your doctor before booking. Limited slots available each day. Please click on the link below to purchase this special promotion. Please email if you have any questions.