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Shiso Collection

- Repair & Revitalizing -

Unlock the miracle of Shiso to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and moisture skin.

For over thousand years, Asian herbalists have noticed that shiso plants can survive in the most extreme drought and climatic conditions, as well as help the surrounding plants to grow. Shiso has become the jewel of Japanese culinary art as well as the important ingredient in macrobiotic food for its healing powers. THANN research and development team had spent over thousand hours to unlock the miracle of Shiso. Shiso (Perilla Frutescences (L.) britton var.crispa Makino) leaf extract contains various substances including Rosemarinic acid, Linoleic acid, Glycoproteins, I-perillaldehyde and Phenol Compound with unique properties to moisturize, protect and revive skin cells providing anti-oxidant benefits.